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So much is happening in the world of education these days, and this edition of Our Voice is not only informative but very exciting…

Interview with Rob Fleming
Our new Minister of Finance talks extensively to our own Susan Wilson about capital funding under the new Mandate Letter from Premier Horgan and also comments on the transitions schools across the province are experiencing as new teachers are hired. Stay informed!

Community Gaming Grants – What you need to know!
Who is eligible?
When do you apply?
What can you use it for?
Who should you contact?
And more…

All students and staff have the right to safe and welcoming environments where they can grow, develop and thrive as unique individuals. Being informed is key for parents if parents and children are to have a healthy perspective, as the policy and education addressing diversity evolves.

PAC Basics

Whether it’s the essentials of running a proper meeting or understanding the fundamental responsibilities of being a treasure, you will find enlightenment in this edition of Our Voice.

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