BCCPAC Update and Membership Deadline

Our SD57 DPAC Executive attended the DPAC Summit on Zoom, hosted by the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), on November 26-27. There is important work and consultation going on between parents and the Ministry of Education and many other provincial stakeholders.

Check out the latest news on their December Update here.

Your PAC Membership is so important to guide and fund the important work that BCCPAC does. The deadline to register and pay your $75 fee is December 31. This enables PACs to attend and vote at the AGM in May. Very important resolutions and information is shared at that event (virtual).

There are 18 PACs in SD57 (out of 39 eligible). Let’s get those numbers up! If you don’t see your school on the list below, contact us at info@sd57dpac.ca, or check out the BCCPAC website to find out how to become a member.

SD#School Name2020-2021
Eligble to
Vote at 2022 AGM
57Blackburn ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57D P Todd SecondaryACTIVEYES
57Duchess Park SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Edgewood Elementary SD57ACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Glenview ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Heather Park ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Heritage ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Kelly Road/Shas ti SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Malaspina ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Peden Hill ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Prince George SecondaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Quinson ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Southridge ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Spruceland TraditionalACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Valemount ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES
57Van Bien ElementaryACTIVEYES
57Vanway ElementaryACTIVEACTIVEYES

BCCPAC September Update

The latest update from BCCPAC emailed on September 1 can be viewed here. There are some important updates and useful information for all parents. Feel free to share!

You’ll see links to the full Return to School Recovery Plan and protocols from BC Centre for Disease Control.

A link to the Mental Health Strategy in Schools. You can read the full report.


Online Learning programs are being developed and rolled out province wide. BCCPAC is involved in the consultation process and doing exciting work!


The RCMP has an opportunity for youth to participate in an Advisory Committee.

There is a summary and link to the SD57 Special Advisors Report.

And an exhaustive list of parent resources.

If your PAC is not a member of BCCPAC yet, please register! There is considerable value for the $75 membership fee. And you can use your gaming funds! If your PAC has not applied for Gaming Grant, search for how-tos on the BCCPAC website or contact DPAC for support!

Contact us anytime at info@sd57dpac.ca.

BCCPAC July Update

We have 3 SD57 PACs voting at the BCCPAC Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Wednesday July 7. Read through the booklet before the meeting.

The July update from BCCPAC is here: July Membership Newsletter (mailchi.mp)

It has great information and resources including links to the K-12 Education Recovery Plan, Online Learning Working Group report, and the Middle Years Development Instrument Data Highlights before/during the pandemic.

There are also information items including childcare initiative and free public transit for students 12 and under.

At the bottom there is an extensive section for parent/caregiver/guardian resources including mental health programs, links to sexual exploitation and bullying resources, post-secondary education planning tools, and several suggested apps and websites.


Attention BCCPAC Members!

You have been receiving emails regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Wednesday July 7 at 6-10pm on Zoom. There is no cost for this event. We encourage you to register and attend. There is one form (below) to complete and email to info@bccpac.bc.ca

If you are not able to attend, contact us at info@sd57dpac.ca and we will assign a Delegate to vote on behalf of your PAC.

The EGM Booklet outlining the resolutions is here.

BCCPAC June Update

There is great information and resources in the June newsletter including summaries of the AGM and Parent Conference, information about membership, zoom license expiry, and mental health resources for parents. Access the issue here.

All of the slides from the Parent Education Conference are found on this page.

We look forward to sharing Andrea’s Parent Engagement and Succession Planning recording when it comes available. The slides are attached below.

Ensure your PAC registers and pays for their BCCPAC membership by September! New Gaming Grant guidelines allow PACs to use gaming funds for the $75 membership.

If you have any questions, let us know at exec@sd57dpac.ca.