BCCPAC membership

Has your PAC applied for your BCCPAC membership yet?

If your PAC becomes a voting member  by December 15th, and if your PAC gives us your proxy to vote for you at the BCCPAC AGM, we will rebate 100% of your $75 membership.


We believe it’s important to have a provincial parent voice. We also believe that it’s important to be able to influence this parent voice through our voting power. There’s a whole list of other reasons as well – you can find them here: http://bccpac.bc.ca/memberships/

What does my PAC need to do?

Your PAC needs to apply for membership, either by paper form or online:

When the spring BCCPAC AGM is being organized, we will contact your PAC and ask for your proxy vote, if your PAC is not intending to send anyone to the BCCPAC AGM. Voting is important, and gives us a voice provincially.


Does our PAC need to belong to BCCPAC?

Your PAC is not required in anyway to be a member of BCCPAC – we encourage it, to increase the parent voice at a provincial level, but we don’t require it.



Please let us know.

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