About Us

Resources, information and support:

All DPAC General Meetings are open to the public and you are highly encouraged to attend if you would like to understand the relationship between your child, the school district and education.

An agenda is written in advance and posted on the website. If you have a major item to bring forward please contact the chairperson in advance to schedule it. There is also an opportunity at the meeting to bring up new business, but will be limited to available time in the agenda to discuss and then the item would be tabled for the next meeting.

The Van Bien Training and Development Centre is the location of all the DPAC General Public Meetings, and is the usual location where DPAC would be holding an event. While the address is technically 311 Wilson Crescent, the quickest way into the Training and Development Centre portion of the Van Bien school is to use the sidewalk on the side of the school that faces Upland Street. You will walk past one set of outside doors and continue on to the last set of doors on that side of the school. There will be various playground structures on your left hand side as you get to the last set of doors.

General Meetings:

  • PAC members, Parents, Caregivers & PAC elected representatives (DPAC Reps) meet on the first Monday of every month September through June. We meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Van Bien Training Centre, 311 Wilson Ave.
    • We strive to end by 9:00 p.m. Refreshments are provided.
  • Meetings are open to all parents, but only DPAC reps can vote – one vote per PAC.
  • Regular attendees at our meetings include: Senior Administration (including Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents of Schools), the School Board Trustee liaison to DPAC, and representatives from the Prince George District Teachers’ Association (PGDTA), CUPE, District Student Advisory Council (DSAC), and Prince George Principals and Vice Principals Association (principals).
  • A meeting information package, consisting of the agenda, last month’s minutes and any reports are added to the website prior to a meeting.


DPAC has parent representatives sitting on a number of standing School Board, District and DPAC Committees, as well as ad hoc committees.

Resources, information and support:

  • Written monthly reports from the above noted committees, at DPAC Meetings.
  • Monthly Chair Report on current district and provincial issues.
  • A file cabinet of resource manuals and information on issues, committees, previous years, etc.
  • Issues, questions or concerns forwarded to the DPAC Chair, are dealt with promptly. Contact can be made via email, fax, mail, and telephone. Action may be advice, referral to appropriate persons, or making inquiries to find answers. If the issue is one that we believe affects more than one school we email the question and answers to all PACs for information purposes. The issue may also be placed on the agenda of a General Meeting.

You can contact DPAC:

    • Through your school’s elected DPAC rep
    • Via an email to the DPAC Chair, at exec@sd57dpac.ca
    • By contacting any of the Executive members.

Via school mail, marking the envelope with “DPAC”

  • By attending DPAC’s regular monthly meetings.