Health & Wellness Support for Families

There are many great organizations and individuals in our community who support families and children’s well being. In support of Child and Youth Mental Health Day in BC recently, FamilySmart held a series of webinars and posted videos and resources on their media platforms. Here is a great example:

How to Manage Your Mental Health in Tight Quarters: A Conversation for Families

Kathy Buhler with FamilySmart in Prince George is hosting an online version of “In the Know” about this very topic with Victoria and Liz (featured in the video). Wednesday June 17 at 2pm. Contact her for more information at

Eventbrite link is here:

Linda Campbell is a local school counsellor who does a remarkable job with pulling together resources for parents. Her mandate is: social emotional and mental health resources for students, families and staff. Contact her for more information at

Check out her newsletters here:

Join SD57 PACs (public Facebook group) for regular updates from these ladies and the District regarding important information for Parents and PACs to share.

Anytime you see websites or information that would be great resources for parents and families, please forward to us at Thanks!

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