Education Services Committee – April 2012 Meeting Notes

2012 ESC

1 – March 27 Minutes approved

2 – Ecole Lac de Bois Playground on March 27 Board meeting
que – any lower activities for younger grades.
ans – SD57 facilities believes other playground does and new one is purchased with consultation of PAC and Henderson
que – was govt grant used?
ans – +half of cost using 2nd half of $8m govt program

3 Carbon Neutral Action Report
Filing 2010 report in March 2012
Reports are Public on
– carbon offsets cost +$163k per year for 6585 tonnes
Some ways SD57 is reducing Carbon output
– 38 furnaces changed
– condensing units in Mackenzie Secondary and Highglenn
– Solar Highglenn
– lighting PGSS and Kelly Road
– Change – apply for exemption 1% rule of wayward refrigerant, dont have any
– Rules recognize that schools need to be heated in winter when not in use.
– Duchess Park Uses electricity but no gas so $70k saved
– Westwood boiler upgrade 24gj to 800j so ~$10k Saved
– See image below for Emissions Summary

4 Mechanical System Upgrade – FortisBC understanding
– Aim to reduce carbon emissions in 41 buildings except closed or really old buildings, see next point
– must be able to pay upgrade over 25years so life of school must be at least 25years
– Research alternative heating viability such as ground source
-ex Duchess Park heating was $1k for Feb shady valley was $990
– Deal breaker is sd57 owns “furnace” not FortisBC so sd57 does maintenance
– Ground source can feed multiple buildings
– neighboring schools
– School and neighboring public buildings
– been worked on for almost a year. Next step is building visits by FortisBC with sd57 maintenance

5 Next Meeting April 12ish


Committee Representative: Steve Shannon

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