Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

At the April meeting, a comparison of the proposed constitution and bylaws and the old constitution and bylaws was presented.

The amendments will be voted on at the May meeting, as set out in the current bylaws:

Bylaw 11: Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

1. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws may be made at any general meeting which business is conducted.
2. Written notice of the meeting and the amendment(s) shall be given at least 14 days prior to the meeting. The written notice shall include the specific amendment(s) and the purpose(s).
3. A three-quarters (75%) majority of the voting membership present shall be required to approve amendments to the Constitution and the Bylaws.

In addition, revisions to the policies will be presented to be voted on:

comparison policies – original and April 2 2012

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