DPAC AGM – May 13, 2013

DPAC’s AGM will be held Monday, May 13th, 7pm, at the Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

As a reminder, our bylaws state that: “A DPAC Representative or current executive officer, nominated for election but unable to attend the AGM, shall be accepted as a candidate if the AGM is presented with a written letter of acceptance from the candidate.”

Online link to remote attendees:


Note: online link can sometimes take a little while to be active; if not active immediately at 7pm please try again. 


Agenda package will be updated for Monday:

Monday, May 13, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

1. Call to order
2. Adoption of agenda and Adoption of April 2013 Minutes
3. PAC Networking
To increase the effectiveness of this section of the agenda, we suggest that people report on ideas that may be of interest to other PACs, or concerns that other PACs could help with.
7:30pm – Partner groups enter
4. Partner Group Presentations (5 minutes each, maximum)
a) DSAC Report (Jay Khatra)
b) CUPE Report (Lorraine Prouse)
c) Prince George District Teachers Association Report (Matt Pearce, Tina Cousins)
d) Prince George Principal and Vice Principals Association Report (Faith Mackay)
e) Professional Employees Association (Nicole Haines)
f) Superintendent Report (Brian Pepper)
g) Trustee Report (Kate Cooke)
(5 – 10 minute snack break)
5. Elections – Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, District Associate, Directors
6. Reports from BCCPAC Conference
7. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland)
b) Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Burnett)

8. PAC and Parent Assistance

a) PAC Planner
b) Grants

9. Advising School District
a) Education Services Committee Report (Steve Shannon)
b) EPPC Committee Report (Darlene Campbell)
c) Policy and Governance (Sarah Holland)
d) Expanded committee of the Whole (Gillian Burnett & Sarah Holland)
e) Suggestions for School Board Report

10. Other Business
a) October 2013 Conference
11. Agenda items for next meeting
12. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 3, 2013 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

Highglen Montessori Update

As people know, Highglen Montessori Elementary School had a serious fire on Monday. Our media has been doing a superb job of letting people know what’s going on.

The school district had a meeting to let parents know the official status of what’s happening Thursday evening. On Thursday afternoon, the district also had a partner group president meeting (presidents of DPAC, teachers, principals, professional employees, support staff) to let the members of various partner groups know what was happening, and ask questions. We were asked to allow Highglen parents to be informed first, before releasing the information. The information below is taken from this meeting, should not be considered the “official” information, and will change as more updates are received.

Information is also being posted on the school district website: https://www.sd57.bc.ca/

A summary of information:

  • The Highglen building is currently “toxic”, and people are not allowed in it. It looks like there is serious damage to remaining contents. It is unclear if anything will be able to be restored.
  • The School Protection Plan is self-insurance program, administered and delivered by the Risk Management Branch (RMB) of the Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The school district does not currently have clarity over what’s going to be covered by this plan, and may not find out for some time.
  • Highglen did not have any sprinklers, as it was built before sprinklers was mandatory. A number of schools do not have sprinklers, and it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to retro-fit sprinklers into schools that don’t have them.
  • The move of the school to Gladstone Elementary was decided after looking at quite a number of options. The district (and school community) wanted to keep the school together, rather than putting different classes in different schools. The school may be there until the end of the school year, and may be there for some time after.
  • Central Fort George was considered, but would have required portables, and there were major concerns over the mechanical systems lasting. Lac de Bois would not have had enough room – or even have bathrooms on the upper floor. PGSS was also considered, as was Quinson, Springwood and Austin Road.
  • Gladstone was decided to be the best option. There is currently the historic teacher collection there, occupying two classrooms – they will be remaining for this school year, but may need to moved after that. The school site also has the capacity for portables to be put in place at this school.
  • The district mapped student homes, and found that a bit under a third of students came from College Heights, a bit under a third from the Hart, and a larger number from the Bowl area – mainly surrounding the school. That is the reason that a shuttle service has been put into place, at the very least for this school year, for transportion of students. More than one bus will be required for the students, and the district will be providing supervision.
  • There are a huge number of details that are required to re-open Gladstone! Everything from working with the city for signage, parking lot control, cleaning, tables, desks and chairs, electrical drops, phones, supplies for teachers, computers, photocopiers, and much much more.
  • The district is doing stellar work in preparing this school to be welcoming for students on Monday morning. The concern and care for our kids is very apparent.
  • As noted, the district currently doesn’t know what will be provided by the school protection plan for supplies. They have asked that people hold off on donating any school supplies for the time being, while they determine what is really needed.

Link to Prince George Montessori site for more information: http://www.pgmontessori.ca/

Their Indigogo fundraiser: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pg-montessori-hope-from-fire-fund


Counsellor Newsletter – “My Child’s Behavior Is So Challenging, Where Do I Begin?”

“My Child’s Behavior Is So Challenging, Where Do I Begin?”

How to Coach Your Child Forward

“Start where your child is and coach them forward.”

If you feel completely overwhelmed by your child’s behavior
problems, here are  tips to help you focus on changing your child’s behavior, step by step.

Try to Have Reasonable Goals
Coaching Your Child Forward: Know What His Strengths Are
Keep in Mind That Your Child is Working Toward a Goal
Start with Physical Behavior
Pick One Behavior to Work       on at a Time
Can’t Decide Which    Behavior to Tackle First? Get Some Help
If Your Child Doesn’t Seem    to be Making Enough Progress…Keep it in perspective, or try a different technique.
Don’t Take It Personally

One way to stay encouraged is to remember where your child started and compare it to the progress he’s made. It’s also important to encourage when this happens.  http://www.empoweringparents.com/My-Childs-Behavior-Is-So-Bad.php#ixzz2R33PUgXZ by Carole Banks, MSW,
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Reminder – BCCPAC Proxy Vote Forms

For PACs who are not sending a delegate to the BCCPAC AGM, DPAC will act as your proxy in order to cast your vote. In exchange, DPAC will pay your PAC 50% of the BCCPAC registration of $75.

DPAC provides this funding to give our school district, and the North, a larger voice at the  BCCPAC AGM.

DPAC is sending several delegates to the AGM, and have put the names of Dennis Fudge and Darlene Campbell on our form.

Once you have filled out the proxy form, it will need to be sent to both BCCPAC and DPAC. The form asks you to send it to BCCPAC only, but it is very important that DPAC knows in order to send you a cheque, and make sure that your form was received by BCCPAC.

Please either scan/email the form to info@bccpac.bc.ca and info@sd57dpac.ca, or fax it to 604-687-4488 and 250-614-1316 (attention Sarah Holland).

This document is the proxy form:

DPAC 57 – BCCPAC Proxy Form 2013

Find out more about the proxy voting process here: what the heck is a proxy
note: this photograph from the 2012 BCCPAC AGM even shows two of your delegates caught in the act of voting!

According to BCCPAC, the following PACs are members for 2012/13:

  • Beaverly Elementary
  • Buckhorn Elementary
  • College Heights Elementary
  • College Heights Secondary
  • D.P. Todd Secondary
  • DPAC – Prince George
  • Duchess Park Secondary
  • Ecole Lac des Bois
  • Edgewood Elementary
  • Giscome Elementary
  • Glenview Elementary
  • Hart Highlands Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Highglen Montessori Elementary
  • Kelly Road Secondary School
  • Nukko Lake Elementary
  • Nusdeh Yoh
  • Peden Hill Elementary
  • Pineview Elementary
  • Prince George Secondary
  • Quinson Elementary
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary
  • Valemount Elementary
  • Van Bien Elementary
  • Vanway Elementary School

Missoula Children's Theatre

For parents interested in finding out more about the Missoula Children’s Theatre, as discussed at the last DPAC meeting:


A little red truck pulls into your town with everything it takes to mount a full-scale musical production…except the cast.

That’s where the children of your community come in.

On Monday, they’re cast as characters.

By Saturday, they’ve gainedcharacter – the kind that really counts.

See the program in action!

The Missoula Children’s Theatre provides a week-long residency “starring” 50-60 of your local students in a full-scale musical. MCT has been touring for 39 years. Annually, MCT visits nearly 1,300 communities in all 50 states, 3 Canadian Territories and 5 provinces and 16 countries. Our mission is the development of lifeskills in children through participation in the performing arts. Creativity, social skills, goal achievement, communication skills and self-esteem are all characteristics that are attained through participation in this unique and educational project. Our team of two professional tour actor/directors arrive in your town with scenery, costumes, props, make-up and basic lighting—everything it takes to put on a play . . . except the cast.

This week-long residency begins with an open group audition and culminates in two public performances.  Fifty to sixty students grades K-12, or a combination of these ages, are cast and well rehearsed throughout the week, learning lines, songs and choreography to perform as an ensemble in producing a full-length musical. All of our shows are original adaptations of children’s stories and fairytales—a twist on the classic stories that you know and love.

We provide year-round touring and our fees are based on region. The fee includes an open audition, intensive rehearsals, two public performances (you keep the proceeds from all ticket sales) and three enrichment workshops. Additional performances may be purchased. Learn more by visiting our Q&A for Presenting page and the Residency Week Basics.

If you have any questions or would like to request additional information please contact the Tour Marketing Department at (406) 728-1911 or by email.

DRAFT Minutes – April 8, 2013 Meeting

DPAC MINUTES FOR April 08, 2013
7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Chris Finke (Vice Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Darlene Campbell (District Associate) , Jacqueline Dockray (Director), Steve Shannon (Director) and Inge Culhane (Secretary)
Partner Groups: Kate Cooke, Trustee; Tina Cousins, PGDTA; Lori Dennill, PGPVPA; Nicole Haines PEA;
School Reps: Jacqueline Dockray, College Heights Elementary; Chris Finke, DP Todd; Darlene Campbell, Duchess Park; Inge Culhane, Edgewood; Kim Shannon, Hart Highlands; Shauna Connor, Ecole Lac des Bois; Sarah Holland, Heather Park; Steve Shannon, Kelly Road; Gillian Burnett, Nukko Lake; Darlene Campbell, Nusdeh Yoh; Michelle Rolfes, Pineview; Ryan Clarke, Quinson; Dennis Fudge, Spruceland

1. Adoption of Agenda
Unanimous consent

2. Adoption of March 4, 2013 Minutes
Unanimous consent

3. PAC Networking
• College Heights – Board okayed swingset (ready for next September)
• DP Todd-Nothing to report at this time
• Duchess Park- Bylaws changing, On-line safety presentation coming later in April
• Nusdeh Yoh- Talent Show, community garage sale, movie nights
• Edgewood-SOLOS presentation was fantastic
• Hart Highlands-New bursaries
• Kelly Road- Go carts, wear helmets, thinking of selling them on ebay, funding request to DPAC
• Heather Park-Hockey draw, Missoula Children’s Theatre was fabulous ACTION: Sarah will put Missoula info on DPAC website
• Nukko Lake-Parents reported that Spring Break was too early-things in the city were not open for the first week (ie: Roll-A-Dome)
• Pinewood- Missoula Children’s Theatre next week
• PGSS-Nothing to report at this time
• Quinson-Nothing to report at this time
• Spruceland- Dance (successful with donations and concession), talent show (great talent), discussion abut School Planning Council
• Lac des Bois- Looking forward to relay

Continue reading “DRAFT Minutes – April 8, 2013 Meeting”

April School counsellor newsletter

April Parent Newsletter 2013

Hello! Here is the April Parent Newsletter on school communication, help for anxious children and online safety. Community resources as well. A pdf is attached for easy reading and parent board use if wished. ~Linda

Do you know how to deal with a school problem?

Sooner or later, most children are likely to have a problem at school. The way parents deal with it can affect the outcome.
Answer yes or no to the questions below to see if you are prepared to deal with school problems positively:

___1. Do you communicate regularly with your child’s teacher, whether there’s a concern or not?

___2. Do you keep an open mind when your child has a problem at school? Be open to the fact that your child my be helping to cause the situation.

___3. Do you contact your child’s teacher first if you have a concern, rather than calling the principal?

___4. Do you write down your thoughts and questions before meeting with the teacher?

___5. Do you ask for an action plan at the end of the meeting so you can work together to address the issue? How well are you doing?

Each yes means you are dealing with school problems positively. For no answers, try these ideas from the quiz.

Good News! Anxiety Can be Successfully Managed!

Does any of this sound like your child or teen?

clinging, crying, and/or tantrums when you separate
excessive shyness, avoiding social situations, constant worry
avoiding situations or places because of fears
complaints of frequent stomachaches or headaches experiencing sudden and frequent panic attacks

Parents play an essential role in helping their child or teen manage anxiety. When coping skills and brave behavior is rewarded and role-modeled in the home, children and teens can learn to face their fears, take risks, and ultimately gain confidence.

Helpful Hint: As a parent, remember that you are the most influential person in your child’s life. See “Helpful Tips for Parents” and “Healthy Habits for the Home” for important ways in which you can begin to help your anxious child or teen at http://anxietybc.com/parent/start.php#tips

Make online safety a priority in your home.

Technology has changed how students learn and how they socialize. Millions of kids in all age groups are online every day at home, at school, at friends’ homes, at the library and many are creating online content.

To keep your child safe online:
Discuss rules and expectations.

Use software that helps to protect kids, but supervise carefully, too.
Only allow your child to communicate with people you both know when he’s online.

Set limits on screen time, such as 10 hours or fewer per week. Remember that screen time includes TV, cell phone, computer and video game use.

Do not allow your child to reveal personal information online, such as his name, phone number, school, passwords or location.

Keep Internet access out of your child’s room. Only let your child go online if you can see what he’s doing.

Learn about websites your child wants to visit. Are they safe? Do you approve of their content?

Encourage your child to be honest with you if something inappropriate occurs online. React calmly if this happens.

Report your concerns to authorities.

Online Resource
Help for Anxiety

Community Resources
Special Events This Month
NEW SUPPORT CIRCLE: Mothers of Many Strengths (M.O.M.S) Parent Support Circle
A place for moms to get together and talk about parenting issues, find support and meet other moms. Child-minding and snacks available. No cost. Wednesdays 11:00am- 1:00pm.
Contact: Lori Ryser Email: mothersofmanystrengths@gmail.com Phone: 250-552-7400
Lighting the Way conference Free Lecture Bullying & the Digital World Presented by Dr. MacNamara May 16, 2013 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at UNBC
Please register for this free event by visiting the website