Agenda – December 5, 2011 General Meeting

Link for remote viewing – attend the meeting from your own computer:


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre


1.               Adoption of Agenda

2.               Adoption of November 7, 2011 Minutes

3.               PAC Networking Topic: Increased pattern of School Administration requesting money from PACs for SD Equipment; laminator, etc.


4.               Reports

(a)                DPAC Chair Report (Sarah Holland)

(b)               Treasurer’s Report

(c)                Superintendent Report

(d)               Trustee Report

(e)               PGDTA Report

(f)                 PGPVPA Report

(g)                CUPE Report

(h)               DSAC Report


(5 – 10 minute coffee /Snack break)

5.               Committee Reports

(a)                EPPC Committee Report – Chris Finke (Alternate:  Gillian Burnett)<

(b)               Education Services Committee Report– Stephen Shannon (Alternate:   Sarah Holland)<

(c)                Policy/Governance Committee Report –  Don Sabo (Alternate: Dennis Fudge)

(d)               Environmental Sustainability Committee  – Don Sabo (Alternate: Lara Beckett)


6.               Announcements/New Business

(a)                Parent Advisory Council Contact Form amended with option to share

(b)               District Resource Centre Tour / Meeting?

(c)                District Sustainability Enrollment Projections Background.

(d)               Revision to Child Protection Policy Parent


7.               Other Business

(a)          Democratic Representation on DPAC

8.               Agenda items for next meeting

9.               Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.


–          Minutes of November 7, 2011 Meeting

–          Chairperson Report

–     Treasurer’s Report

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