Revised – Draft Policy for Conference Delegates

Policy for SD57 DPAC Delegates to BC Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) Conferences

DRAFT – December 5, 2011

1.      Background

a)       The Spring Conference is the annual general meeting (AGM) of BCCPAC and is a policy-oriented conference, where resolutions are put forward and voted on by BCCPAC members.  It is a means of bringing the parent voice to the provincial table.

b)      The Fall Conference of BCCPAC is a training-oriented conference, where delegates attend multiple workshops to improve their skills in building effective PAC’s.  As well, the conference is a major networking opportunity for PAC executives to meet each other and build working relationships.

c)       Note: the Spring Conference has educational sessions, and the Fall Conference has had special meetings with resolutions and policies brought forward.

d)      All BCCPAC member PAC’s will be encouraged to attend the conferences, or pass their proxies to those delegates from our district who will be attending.

e)       In the event that DPAC has travel reimbursements available yet cannot send sufficient delegates to use the funds, the unused portion of travel subsidies will be offered to member PAC’s.

2.      Applicant Criteria

a)       DPAC will fund at least two delegates to attend each of the Conferences, assuming adequate financial resources.

b)      A standing invitation will be offered to the DPAC District Associate or his/her stand-in (preferably a member of the DPAC executive).  This person will fulfill the role of proxy-carrier for all district PAC’s who wish to participate in proxy voting.

c)       The other delegate(s) will be selected by the delegate selection committee, with an eye to building future capacity at the DPAC executive level.

d)      All DPAC members currently fulfilling the function of DPAC reps for their schools or serving as a DPAC executive member will be able to apply to be a DPAC delegate, including members of the delegate selection committee.

e)       A delegate selection committee will be established at the first general meeting of the school year.

f)        The committee will invite all interested parties to submit a brief written application before a specified deadline (at least one week before early bird registration closes), detailing their reasons for wanting to attend the conference, and how they believe this experience will benefit DPAC and/or their PAC.

 3.      Delegate Selection

a)       In selecting delegates, the following criteria is to be considered:

i)        Applicants who have demonstrated a high level of involvement in DPAC or their PAC

ii)      Applicants who stand to benefit most from the training provided

iii)    Whenever possible, the selection committee will ensure that one of the delegates has previously attended such a conference and can act as a mentor/guide for the other(s).

iv)    Applicants who miss the deadline will only be considered if there is a shortage of other suitable applicants.

b)      The committee will have at least one alternate delegate who is willing to attend on short notice in the event one of the selected applicants is unable to attend.

 4.      Delegate Expectations

a)       Delegates are expected to attend the full conference.

b)      Delegates may choose which workshops to attend based on their own interests and anticipated benefits to DPAC.  There should be a cross-section of workshops attended by DPAC delegates. The DPAC executive may decide on workshop selection for delegates.

c)       Delegates must provide a post-conference presentation for DPAC at the next general DPAC meeting. This may be delayed to the next meeting upon request.

 5.      Expenses

a)       Delegates selected through this process will be reimbursed for all reasonable costs related to conference fees, transportation, lodging, and food (excluding alcohol).

b)      Payments will be made on the basis of actual receipt amounts.

c)       Meals will be based on a maximum of $10 breakfast, $15 lunch, and $25 dinner.

d)      DPAC reserves the right to set transportation and lodging maximums.

e)       Delegates must be willing to carpool or share a room upon request.

f)        DPAC may advance a payment to delegates to cover their expenses upon request.

g)       DPAC will not be responsible for any financial loss if delegates have to take off any time from work to attend the conference.

 6.      Resolutions and BCCPAC AGM

a)       The DPAC executive will arrange for a resolution workshop, prior the BCCPAC AGM and any other conferences with resolutions, as far in advance of the conference as possible.

b)      DPAC volunteer(s) will research information on the more complex resolutions for presentation at the workshop.

c)       Parents from all PAC’s are encouraged to attend the workshop meeting to discuss the resolutions, with the intent of taking the information back to their schools.

d)      Member PACs would fill in their proxy form and voting instructions, and pass them to the DPAC proxy-carrier.

e)       Proxies that are supplied without voting instructions will be voted according to the proxy-carrier’s decisions.

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