School board meeting – items of interest

At the school board meeting of June 28th, the board decided to start processes to:
  • consider reassignment of Edgewood Elementary from the Duchess Park catchment to the Kelly Road catchment
  • enter a consultation process to consider the co-location of McBride Centennial Elementary to McBride Secondary
  • engage in a consultation process to consider a change in the grade configuration in Mackenzie, from K-7 and 8-12 to K-6 and 7-12

A consultation process was called for in the motion for McBride and Mackenzie, but not for the motion for Edgewood, although the board did speak about a consultation process to allow for input from parents and the community.

The board also approved radon screen in all schools, beginning in August 2016. The kits will be retrieved December 2016, and a report will be provided to the Education Services Committee in spring 2017.

The board also noted they are working on testing for lead in water.


The minutes of this board meeting typically would be expected to be available in September, but the agenda is available here:

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