PAC Bootcamp – April 14, 2020

We invite all parents of children in School District 57 to attend this free event with BCCPAC Treasurer Gillian Burnett!

Bring your queries, your questions and your stories – this session will be a great learning and sharing experience for anyone on your PAC Executive.

Gillian will discuss all things financial including the importance of budgets and documentation, best practices in fundraising, what makes for good cash handling policies, and transparency with meaningful reporting to parents. And you don’t need to be a Treasurer to understand what your Executive team should be putting in place to ensure financial responsibility.

Gillian will also provide an overview of the key things PACs should be aware of and practicing such as: the importance of the PAC/DPAC and their role within the school and the district; why an updated Constitution and Bylaws is critical; why communication and transparency are important and can be done easily; benefits of being involved at DPAC level, and a few general tips and tricks for ensuring your PAC is more knowledgeable.

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