Online Computer and Smart Phone Safety

September 2012 Online Computer and Smart Phone Safety

When counselling in our elementary and secondary schools, I met with many students who, with increased access to cell phones and internet, have had to deal with some very challenging situations – harassment, mean words, ongoing bullying, sexting and predators. At times, these students have been participating in this negative and hurtful behaviour. Here are some good sites for parents to take a look at to get tips on how to teach your child to be safe on line whether from a smart phone or a computer. Also, what to do when your child insists at texting at the dinner table and wants to be on her phone all the time! I

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Linda Campbell

Online Safety

They connect to it. They download from it. They watch on it. They listen to it. They play on it. They surf on it. They converse with it. Do you know how to monitor it? It can be hard to keep up when today’s inventions are tomorrow’s antiques, but we want our kids to be safe online, and with the amount of time kids spend online, it’s crucial that you do what you can to keep them safe.

Learn more about cell phone safety >Is your child asking for an iPhone or Android device?

Advice parents can view online

A parent advice area, which are rich with guidance for parents on how to manage kids’ use of cell phones and online communication.

Help children use cell phones safely

Is your child counting down the days until he or she is permitted to have a cell phone? Or are you already negotiating minute and text message allowances? Whichever stage you may be in with your child, these tips will help you set rules for safer cell phone use.

When you think about your children’s online activities, do you consider their cell phones? Children can send and receive images, e-mails, texts, and instant messages from their phones, which many parents and guardians do not monitor. However, you should consider cell phones an extension of the Internet and employ the same safeguards.

Texting: The New Way for Kids to Be Rude

“ My 14 year old daughter is a texting addict! She will even sit and text when our family is at a restaurant. It drives me nuts. If I tell her to stop, she just does it under the table. It’s like this little secret that we can’t be in on, plus it’s just plain rude. It’s as if half of her is here with us, but her brain is somewhere off with her friends. The thing that really annoys me is that she doesn’t take part in family activities any more—it’s like she has to have a special invitation to participate. What should we do?”

Parents and kids making a commitment. Try a Family Media Agreement.

The Family Media Agreement is a checklist that parents can use to guide conversations with their kids about media use. It’s designed to help parents establish guidelines and expectations around media use and behavior that are right for their family. Some families are comfortable using it as a signed agreement. Others prefer to use it simply as a checklist to guide conversations. Either way, it’s a great way to help parents and kids get on the same page about media and technology use.

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