Back to school!

September 5th is the first back to school day for students, and will typically be a short day for students. Students should report to school at their usual time. Your school should be able to provide you with a bell schedule, and a schedule for the first day. Have a wonderful first day back!

And remember – be careful out there.

Most child pedestrian-related injuries occur in September and October. Crashes are most common during the late afternoon and early evening. Statistically, children are more likely to get struck by a car while crossing at an intersection followed by running into the road. Children are also vulnerable when they cross the road at uncontrolled intersections, when they enter the road between parked cars or walk on the road instead of the sidewalk

Top 5 Road Safety tips for children:

Parents and other drives – slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods and school zones, before and after school hours.

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