LRB ruling made over teacher withdrawal of services

The Labour Relations Board (LRB) today issued a one-page “bottom-line” decision (with reasons if the parties so request) with respect to the application filed by BCPSEA on May 9 for a declaration that the BCTF and its members have declared or authorized or are engaging in an illegal strike, contrary to the Labour Relations Code and the Education Improvement Act.

The LRB found as follows:

  • The union declared an unlawful strike by directing/authorizing its members to withdraw from activities which, although they occur outside of instructional hours, may nonetheless be part of their work duties, including participating in school-based team meetings, Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, parent–teacher interview meetings, district committee meetings and BC Ministry of Education initiatives such as Ready, Set, Go and kindergarten orientation.
  • The BCTF is directed to cease and desist from declaring or authorizing an unlawful strike in this manner.


  • The union did not declare an unlawful strike by directing its members to refrain from participating in activities which occur outside of class time/instructional hours that are truly voluntary and extracurricular such as coaching, instructing or supervising student performances, sports teams, clubs or field trips or attending graduation or awards ceremonies, where those activities are not related to a course or undertaken for marks OR from directing its members to minimally participate in meetings with “Administrative Officers”


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