Evening with Gary Anaka – September 24th at Duchess Park

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Parents, how can you support your teenagers to build a brain for lifetime optimal performance?

Tweens & teenagers, how can you get your parents to understand and support you?

Join our speaker, Gary Anaka, for this fun and information session. Gary Anaka is a Special Education Teacher, Author, Brain-Based Learning Facilitator, Advocate for Health and Wellness, and an inspirational Public Speaker.

Did you ever wonder why your teenagers do the weird and wacky things they do? Do you buy the myth that it is all about raging hormones? Neuroscientists are opening the window on the mysterious teenage brain giving parents inside tips that account for their emotional changes, rule breaking, defiant attitudes and sometimes dangerous behavior.

The teenage brain is wired differently than any other generation in history. It is a work in progress. Huge changes are occurring in the brain. Your teens are experiencing biological turmoil. Their brain is a construction zone with blossoming, pruning, mylenating, reconnecting and reconfiguring going on constantly. Your teens can love you in the morning and hate you in the afternoon. The smallest little incident can trigger an emotional outburst that can last for hours, even days. A new brain is being built. All of these changes begin around age 11. 

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Register here: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/understanding-the-teenage-brain-for-parents-and-students-tickets-18528026827

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