City of Prince George PD Day flyer

September 25 Flyer

Please find attached the Pro D Day Flyer for September 25th. The flyer is produced as a community service by the City of Prince George and promotes recreation, fitness, culture and education and is a valuable resource for parents and teachers that are looking for activities for kids to be involved in on Sept 25th Pro D Day.  This is the first edition of the flyer for the 2015-2016 school year: a flyer is distributed prior to each Pro D Day, Spring break and Summer break.

The flyer will also be available on the City Of Prince George website at (look under City Living>Recreation>Youth Programs).  The flyer changes from one Pro D Day to the next but the link to access it on the City website is the same.  This is the direct link: http://cityadmin/cityliving/recreation/YouthPrograms/ProDDay

Please feel free to link to this site on your school websites and list it in your monthly newsletter.  A link in the school monthly newsletter is the best way to reach most students and parents/caregivers.  Please also feel free to share the flyer or link with staff, administration as well as parents and students.


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