Which school should you enroll your child in?

We’ve been getting some website searches recently from people wondering which school their child should attend (such as “prince george what school do we go to“).

Here’s where to start at the school district site:


This is the school district catchment maps:


If you’re new to the school district, you may not know that we recently had some school closures. The catchment maps haven’t been fully updated as yet, so may refer to some older schools.

For elementary school students, there’s two major choices:

  • if you wish your child to attend a regular program then you’d register in your catchment school. You can then apply to transfer your child to a different regular school, should you wish.
  • if you wish your child to attend a choice school or program, then you’d register in that school directly – you don’t need to live in that neighborhood.

The choice schools and program include:

  • Aboriginal
  • French immersion, dual track (English and French)
  • French immersion, single track (French only)
  • Montessori
  • Traditional


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