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In response to some recent questions about movies shown by PACs, there is information available here:

ACF is the exclusive Canadian public performance rights representative for numerous studios and 1000’s of films, and only our license allows you to present movies for leisure purposes legally. We offer short term and annual public performance licenses that protect you against copyright infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions

•  Do I need a license if I show movies during lunch or as part of kindergarten programs? YES
•  Do I need a license if movies are free or just for a few students? YES
•  Do I need a license if movies are personally owned or purchased from retail stores? YES
•  Do I need a license for charity fundraiser events? YES
•  Do movie events organized by parents associations require a license? YES
•  Are the movies and studios listed here covered by other vendors? NO
•  Do copyright laws allow me to show movies for leisure purposes without a license? NO


All ACF licenses allow for the unlimited presentation of regular commercially available movies from the studios we represent during and after school hours, including fundraisers, family movie nights, and school community events. Movies can be obtained from any legal source, such as video rental/retail stores, personal collections, public libraries and online vendors.

Pre-release titles are exclusively available from us and are shipped directly to you for your event. Booking requests must be sent by email or by using our quote request form, and confirmed by one of our representatives.


PACs will want to check with your school administration to check on whether or not you can obtain pre-release movies.

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