Article from Prince George Citizen, July 11, 2011

School District 57 superintendent Brian Pepper says he won’t be complying with District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) chairperson Don Sabo’s request to post the most-recent school-by-school enrollment projects on the district’s website.

The school district has go part way and posted the schools’ existing enrollment figures, but that’s as far as administration is going to go, Pepper said Thursday, after Sabo raised the issue during school board trustee’s monthly meeting last week.

“We value DPAC greatly, our board does as well,” Pepper said. “Unfortunately, we can’t meet all of the requests of our partners.”

Sabo has maintained the projections should be posted because they have played such an important role in determining which schools should be closed and which should remain open and argued that continuing to provide the projections is a matter of transparency.

“This goes towards the quality of data and information that the school district is using to make important decisions,” Sabo said Thursday.

But Pepper said posting the projections is counterproductive because they’re only best guesses and funding is ultimately based on enrollment figures at the end of September.

“It’s not appropriate,” he said. “They’re only valid for a short period of time.”

Sabo said DPAC has a full copy of updated enrollment projections but has not received permission from the school district to make them public on DPAC’s own website.

— Nielsen, Citizen staff

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