BCPSEA going to Labour Relations Board over BCTF activity


From the FAQ in the document:

1. What activities are being withdrawn from schools now?
The BCTF and its members are refusing to perform a number of duties and activities on the basis that those duties and activities fall within a definition of “extracurricular/voluntary” that has been adopted by the BCTF Executive. This is a unique definition. The BCTF includes within that category “all activities that occur and/or are organized by teachers outside of instructional hours.” The duties and activities that are being withdrawn are duties/activities regularly and ordinarily performed by teachers as part of their normal work day.
2. Are the activities being withdrawn activities that teachers individually volunteer to do at lunch or after school?
Most teachers’ duties are required to be performed by boards of education, the collective agreement, and/or legislation, regardless of when they are performed (e.g., meetings with principals, parent–teacher conferences, school-based team meetings, student tutorials). Some teachers also perform duties at their individual option, typically outside of the instructional day (e.g., some team coaching or club activities). The BCTF’s direction to withdraw services captures both duties that are clearly and expressly required of all teachers and duties that are performed by some teachers at those teachers’ option.

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