Want to send in your comments on Duchess Park capacity, but don’t have a survey?

We have some methods from the board chair and superintendent about ways to provide input for people who wouldn’t be receiving a survey.

Written submissions can be directed through the District Office to the Office of the Superintendent, Board of Trustees or to the attention of C. Molcak:

School District #57 (Prince George)
Attn: C. Molcak
2100 Ferry Ave., Prince George, BC V2L 4R5

The school board chair, Tim Bennett, gave out his contact information at the meeting at Duchess Park, repeated here:

Board Chair // School District 57 (Prince George)
250.649.8316 // tbennett@sd57.bc.ca // @tiben12

Contact information for the entire board can be found here: https://www.sd57.bc.ca/Board/Pages/default.aspx

Draft surveys from board agenda package: Surveys from 2018.05.29 Regular Public Board Book

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  • Barb Lloyd / Reply


    As a parent of 2 Francophone students, I would like to share my thoughts for the future of the French programs/locations. I personally like having both the Francophone and French Immersion students in one location. It makes more sense, seeing how there are already shortages of French teachers, to have them in one location. In addition, it is easier to share costs/opportunities of French events if in one location.

    I have one kid that is half at PGSS (for the mechanic program) and half at DPSS (for the francophone program) and the other kid is full time at DPSS. As you can imagine, they are split on what they would like to see. I see benefits for both. As mentioned above, my first priority would be to keep all the French students together and try to have it so that there was even more collaboration between SD57 and SD93 for the two programs. I would love to see a French PE class, and even some more other French class options, as this year I did see we can sometimes combine SD57 classes adn SD93 classes together. I would not necessarily want that for the core courses, but if that was the only option, example French Sciences or Social Studies at the grade 11 or 12 level, I would opt for that. I really would love a more saturated French environment, as we are in an anglophone community. So if moving location could improve that, I would all be for moving. We personally live equal distances between both schools, so location is not a huge issue for me.

    Phasing seems like the kindest option, but logistically, I don’t see how that is possible. Again, would rather more French course options available, and more working together for that with SD57 and SD93 than phasing in.

    I also propose that new border lines be drawn up and phase those in. I do not understand why some kids that live closer to PGSS still are going to DPSS, and those that live closer to DP Todd go to DPSS when there is such a shortage of space at DPSS.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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