Unapproved General Minutes, April 2, 2012

Meeting Notes April 2012

DPAC MINUTES FOR April 2, 2012
7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Executive: Don Sabo (Chair), Michelle Rolfes, Gillian Burnett (Recorder), Chris Finke, Steve Shannon, Sarah Holland
Partner Groups: Kate Cooke, Trustee; Tina Cousins, PGDTA; Lorraine Prouse, CUPE; Faith MacKay, PGPVPA
School Reps: Darlene Campbell, Aboriginal Choice; Colleen Smith, Beaverly; Jacqueline Dockray and Lara Beckett, Ecole College Heights; Darlene Campbell, Duchess Park; Teresa Bell, Edgewood; Kim Shannon, Hart Highlands; Sarah Holland, Heather Park; Steve Shannon, Kelly Road; Gillian Burnett, Nukko Lake; Michelle Rolfes, PGSS; Ryan Clarke, Quinson; Dennis Fudge, Spruceland

1. Adoption of Agenda
Motion to accept agenda – College Heights
Seconded by – Quinson

2. Adoption of March 5, 2012 Minutes
Motion to accept minutes – Aboriginal Choice
Seconded by – College Heights
3. PAC Networking
• Kelly Road provided information concerning a cap on registration for a couple of courses. They are running a Go Kart class in which students will build a Go Kart and 150 students expressed interest in taking it, but it had to be capped at 80.
• Hart Highlands had nothing to report.
• Quinson is planning for a 50th year celebration. A tentative October date has been set.
• Spruceland had nothing to report. Meeting times have changed and DPAC Rep may be unable to attend PAC meetings in future.
• College Heights has 2 teams participating in Battle of the Books. CKPG had filmed Quiz Me. Hosting a family movie night on Thursday, intend to show HOP. Grade 7 French immersion students had recently been to Quebec on an exchange program. Students and chaperones have nothing but positive to say, it was exceedingly welcoming and fun. They are now planning and fundraising for the Quebec students’ visit in May.
• Beaverly is planning their magic show for April 28th at the PG Playhouse.
• Duchess Park is looking into a name change to include Ecole as currently the French programs are not as visible.
• Aboriginal Choice provided information and invitations to on Open House on April 24th. They will be having a salmon bake lunch and a $2 minimum donation is required. The consulting firm, Copper Moon, is expected to meet regarding the naming of this school.
• Heather Park had a PAC meeting that Trustee Tim Bennett attended. He expressed interest in returning once the grounds are free of snow. Shared practice of having their books audited twice yearly. Current treasurer is doing a fantastic job. Such a pleasure to review organized books.
• Nukko Lake had held their Centennial Meats fundraiser. Big success. Many families have expressed interest in holding it again before the end of the year. Involved in school org for September and planning fieldtrips and sports day.
• Pinewood had hosted a SOLOS seminar for parents. The topic was internet safety and awareness and it is highly recommended.
4. Reports
(a) DPAC Chair Report – see attached. Discussion around having an on-line survey to gather parent’s thoughts and opinions regarding bullying and about the district student satisfaction surveys.
(b) Treasurer’s Report – see attached. Explained that the reports had been adjusted to reflect the current years’ revenues and expenses rather than a 3 year cumulative number. Had not yet purchased the new coffee maker. Chris will ensure it is purchased before the next meeting.
(c) Superintendent Report – Unable to attend. (Sent message earlier this week)
(d) Trustee Report – Asked DPAC what we would like included in reports going forward. Several suggestions given. Discussion about:
• Trustee expressed desire to see improvements to the district’s website.
• Bylaw 1 is now under consideration for change and will be discussed soon.
• At the last Board Meeting, trustees had voted to accept an 8 year contract with Diversified Transportation. Changes were also made to both the Child Abuse and Harassment policies.
• Trustees expected to have conversations regarding education and enforcement of Student Code of Conduct policy.
• Next Public Board Meeting to be held in Valemount.
• Thanked DPAC for their letter regarding bullying and expressed interest in having a discussion regarding the material.
• Trustees will be inviting DPAC to a meeting to discuss sustainability recommendations from the Enrolment, Capacity and Projections report.
• At BCSTA AGM trustees had received workshops regarding First Nation Education. Had an Aboriginal focus and was very informative.
• Minister Abbot is visiting April 13th and trustees and administration are working on what will be discussed at this meeting. It was asked whether or not DPAC would be invited to attend.
(e) PGDTA Report – Tina Cousins discussed several items:
• Expressed thanks for their ability to come and talk.
• Expressed appreciation for the support DPAC has shown PGDTA.
• Echoed DPAC’s desire to increase transparency within the district.
• Expressed the importance for all partner groups to get along and assured DPAC that PGDTA enjoys respectful relationships even with the district administration and HR.
• Extended the offer for PGDTA representatives to attend PAC meetings should parents have questions. They would be happy to share their perspectives.
• Due to Bill 22 things within the schools will not be the same. Expressed concerns and some good things about the appointment of Jago as mediator. Concerns center on his lack of experience with mediation, lack of experience in the K-12 environment and his contributions to the Liberal Party in the past.
• Indicated that they had met with members and have decided to withdraw from extra-curricular activities as well as limit the use of the interoffice e-mail system.
• Expressed concern regarding the districts resistance to developing a LGBTQ policy and were unhappy with the districts response of only coming up with the SAFER Schools guide.
• Provided information regarding the BCTF’s provincial vote regarding an action plan in response to Bill 22 to take place April 16-19th. Members feel their hands are tied and need to find a way to show their displeasure somehow.
• Question from floor regarding rumours that teachers would not participate in graduations and this could mean their cancellation. Answer included that if release time was provided teachers would continue to participate and that in some instances this was a councilor’s responsibility. Teachers are asking that community members pick up where teachers will be leaving off.
• Question from floor regarding teachers’ participation in volunteer activities and clarification given that members have been recommended not to participate but are not being forced into that action.
• Question and concern posed regarding PGDTA President’s remark during the last Board Meeting concerning teachers feeling like public servants. Tina will take this up with Matt when she sees him next.
(f) PGPVPA Report –Provided information regarding what is happening around the district including:
• Valedictorian ceremonies will be taking place. Expressed desire to honour kids achievements, so there will be ceremonies.
• Teachers are still working hard. Things will be different after Bill 22, but teachers are still assessing and reporting, even if it looks different.
• School organization for next year has begun. Principals to meet at the end of next week to discuss this.
• Many schools putting on ICBC presentations because there is the worry that kids will make poor choices, particularly at this time of year.
• Question from floor regarding the tracking of referrals. Referrals are tracked at the school level. Comment from floor that data centralization would be useful.
(g) CUPE Report – Provided information and comments regarding:
• CUPE ratified their contract with the government in February only to have it expire this June. Interested in government’s new catch phrase for “net zero”, “Co-operative gains”. Are watching what is taking place across the province in other unions.
• CUPE enjoys the opportunity to attend DPAC meetings and appreciates the ability to communicate. Makes attending more enjoyable.
• Indicated that in the past there used to be budget talks at the district level that included partner groups. Doesn’t happen anymore, but there is a desire to resume them.
• CUPE members are hoping that this year’s layoffs and bumping is less severe.
(h) DSAC Report – Not in attendance

5. Committee Reports
(a) EPPC Committee Report – see attached.
(b) Education Services Committee Report –see attached.
(c) Policy/Governance Committee Report – covered in chair report.
(d) DPAC Budget Planning Committee – see attached. Motions concerning information expected to be made during next meeting in May.
(e) DPAC Bylaws and Policy Committee – see attached. Original and proposed revisions provided for members. Revisions will be motioned at the next meeting in May.
(f) Nominating Committee – Provided information regarding nominations received to date.
Chair – Don Sabo and Sarah Holland
Vice-chair – Michelle Rolfes and Darlene Campbell
Treasurer – Gillian Burnett
Director – Steve Shannon

6. Announcements/New Business
(a) BCCPAC AGM, May 25-27, Expression of Interest- Reported that Gillian Burnett had submitted a letter and committee is expecting to receive letters from Sarah Holland and Darlene Campbell.
Motion – College Heights
That DPAC for May 25-27, 2012 BCCPAC Conference send up to three delegates.
Second – Spruceland
(b) BCCPAC Resolution Workshop – tentative dates April 21st or April 28th. TBA Workshop will be put on by previous BCCPAC Resolution Committee. Selected Delegates expected to attend.
(c) Consent Agenda – Discussed what a consent agenda is and why we would want to consider using one. Decided to try this format for our next meeting in May.

7. Agenda items for next meeting
Nothing at this time.
8. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 7, 2012 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

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