Teacher Bargaining Update

The linked documents provide information about the current state of teacher negotiations, specifically regarding information about report cards and the request from BC Public School Employers Association (BCPSEA) that the BC Teacher’s Federation (BCTF) reimburse school districts 15% of teachers’ total gross salaries and benefits costs.

BCPSEA application to labour relations board:




Note – questions asked and answered in this FAQ include:

  • The “cutting pay” contention: Is BCPSEA proposing to dock teachers’ pay?
  • The “I’m still doing my job” contention: Why is BCPSEA asking that boards be
    reimbursed for work that teachers are not performing?
  • The escalation contention: Isn’t the BCPSEA LRB application “…unnecessarily
    throwing fuel onto an already heated situation”?
  • A “flip-flop” or “a deal is a deal” contention: Why is BCPSEA asking the LRB to
    vary the Essential Services Order to require teachers to prepare and distribute
    report cards?
  • The public sector is covered by a compensation mandate. There have been
    compensation mandates in the public sector since the 1990s. How many unions
    and employers have settled under the current mandate to date?

 BCTF Response to BCPEA application to labour relations board:



BCTF background page on bargaining:


BCPSEA background page on bargaining:


Labour Relations board decision on Field trips:



Fascinating document on History of teacher bargaining in BC – “Towards a Better Teacher Bargaining Model in British Columbia”, from 2003:


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