Tapestry Choir off to Carnegie Hall

Congratulations to the Tapestry choir, and their recent success at a competition in Seattle! DPAC was privileged to have a presentation from some of our Tapestry choristers at a previous DPAC general meeting.

But the biggest accolades were still to come. At the gala closing ceremonies, they were called to centre stage as the top overall choral group in the festival, and even that wasn’t the final surprise.

“Just getting the gold standing was all the success we were really looking for,” said Duerksen, “but then the master of ceremonies comes out and says ‘I have an invitation for a youth choir festival next spring,’ and says our name again, and also says the invitation is to perform at Carnegie Hall. This invitation is based on adjudicators’ discussion and they do not give out the invitation every year unless it is warranted. That meant the most to me. It meant that in that moment when they were called on to perform for judges in a competition in another country far from home, our singers just shone, and it was noticed. The kids were all very emotional and overwhelmed.”

– See more at:  http://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/entertainment/local/tapestry-singers-play-carnegie-hall-1.1052194


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