Survey for childcare needs

What are the Child Care Needs in Prince George, British Columbia?

Request for Participation

You are invited to participate in a community evaluation focused on Child Care Needs in Prince George, British Columbia. We are seeking participants who can inform this evaluation by completing a brief online survey regarding Child Care Needs in the Prince George area.

This study is being conducted in partnership with Northern Health’s Children First Initiative.  The goal is to gain a better understanding of what the Child Care Needs are in the Prince George and surrounding area, and any potential gaps in service provision. The information gathered will be presented in the form of a written final report to Northern Health’s Children First Initiative to support future child care planning for families in Prince George.

 If you are interested in participating in this brief online survey to share your experiences and knowledge, please go to the following web link for further details:


OR contact the Joanna Pierce directly at the below contact information:


For further information or any questions please contact:


Joanna Pierce, by email:  Joanna will assist you with questions regarding your participation.


Confidentiality and privacy are central to your participation.  Any of the information collected through the survey will kept secure at all points of the evaluation.

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