Stop Hating Campaign

From the Federal government website:

You may have heard about serious cases of cyberbullying in the news. You may have heard about this happening to a child in your community, or maybe your own child has been involved. A large number of kids are being hurt by cyberbullying. It’s happening enough that, as a country, we need to do more about it.


That is why we have launched Stop Hating Online, a new cyberbullying public awareness campaign. Our goal is to start a national conversation about the impacts of cyberbullying, to give parents and teens the tools to stop it.

Get Cyber Safe now has comprehensive information on cyberbullying for both teens and the adults in their lives, on everything from recognizing the warning signs, to step-by-step instructions for dealing with it, to ways to encourage bystanders to stand up to cyberbullying.

Follow the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter channels, and watch for the TV ads. We all need to help to #StopHatingOnline! One child hurting is one too many.


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