Staples and Stock the Lockers

During the Prince George Staples “Stock the Lockers” campaign, the Prince George Staples raised $8000 to purchase school supplies and to help provide necessities for students in need. This year, Staples is sending this money out directly to PACs, for PACs to assist students. This $8000 has been divided equally between all 40 PACs in the Prince George School District, and presented to PACs in the form of gift cards at our October 1st District Parent Advisory Council meeting.

DPAC suggests that PACs may wish to consult with your principal, teachers, and staff regarding needy students in your school.

All gift cards have been distributed to PACs. Sixteen cards went out to PAC representatives at the DPAC meeting who were present in person, and the remaining cards went out through the school district inter-office mail October 3rd.

On behalf of PACs, DPAC would like to thank Staples and all those who donated through Staples.

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