Staff Appointments

Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pepper is pleased to announce the following appointments, effective August 1, 2011:

• Tabatha Grigg, Vice-Principal, Spruceland Elementary
• Deanna Hood, Vice-Principal, Quinson Elementary
• Parrish Child, Vice-Principal, Duchess Park Secondary
• Curtis MacDonald, Vice Principal, College Heights Secondary
• Anjula Corbin, Principal, Malaspina Elementary
• Nevio Rossi, Principal, Harwin Elementary
• Dan Watt, Principal, Buckhorn Elementary and Hixon Elementary
• Norman Kidwell, Principal, Nukko Lake Elementary
• Kathy Sawatsky, Principal, Foothills Elementary
• Ian Landy, Principal, Beaverly Elementary
• Cindy Heitman, District Principal, Curriculum and Instruction

We wish these principals and vice principals all the best in their new positions.

Diane Nygaard,
Executive Assistant
School District No. 57

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