SpeeDee Printers and Office Products offer to PACs

September 2010 note – not sure if this is still in effect

SpeeDee has offered a discount of 35-40% off on any regularly priced Office products or furniture that your PAC may want to purchase. You can either head down to the store at 490 Brunswick Street or phone them at 250-562-2414 or 1-800-667-9633. They also offer an online method of checking out their catalog but you will have to set up an online account with them. Out of town PACs are more then welcome to take advantage of this service as well, as they will deliver.

Payment of your purchases can be made by cash, PAC Cheque or credit card.

For the PACs that provide some funds for the divisions to be spent on extra stationary for the classroom they offer a Gift card that can be purchased. You will not get a discount on the purchase of the gift card but rather the teacher will get the discount on every purchase made with the card.

For the PACs that would like to provide a package of school supplies to the students, possibly as a fundraiser this discount would be able to get you started. If you can combine the orders, based upon division, then call the store with the order that would be best.

The contact person at SpeeDee is Wendy Chartrand. 250-561-8125 or 1-800-667-9633 or wendyc@speedee.ca . Their web site is www.speedee.ca

If anyone hears of a company willing to offer a discount to the PACs please have them contact chairperson@sd57dpac.ca

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