School District Schedule of Fees and Deposits

As presented at the school board meeting: 2014 may 27 Schedule of fees and deposits

District financial hardship policy, 5101:

As part of the DPAC presentation to the board, May 27th:

…Which brings us to the Schedule of Fees and Deposits, as published in this board agenda package. As a reminder, having that package available in advance is highly preferable.

As noted, according to the school act, “A board must publish a schedule of the fees to be charged and deposits required and must make the schedule available to students and to children registered under section 13 and to the parents of those students and children before the beginning of the school year.”

Further on in the Act, if you charge fees, then you must have policies and procedures to facilitate participation by students who would otherwise be excluded from the course, class or program because of financial hardship.

You have a financial hardship policy, which states that that access to goods and services, as well as to co-curricular programs and opportunities (which includes field trips) is available to all students, and no student is to be denied that access because of financial hardship. It also states that “All communication with students and/or parents regarding fees and deposits must include a statement that explains that fees will not be a barrier to student participation in school activities.”

Please ensure that all communications – including the communication in this agenda package – includes that the information that fees will not be a barrier for students. This information in this document is not good enough.


A motion was made to recommend to Senior Admin that a reference to policy 5101 be put into the statement of fees and deposits.  Recommendation was passed.

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