School board meeting – December 8, 2015

This may be a record for SD57 board meetings – the annual inaugural meeting just took about 7 minutes.

  • Tony Cable – elected as chair.
  • Tim Bennett – elected as vice-chair.
  • Sharel Warrington – elected as BCSTA provincial counsellor.
  • Bruce Wiebe – elected as BCPSEA representative.

No positions were contested.

As a technical note, SD57 makes two methods avaible to view board meetings – a link for Windows, and a link to Mac. The link for Windows doesn’t seem to work on current versions of Windows, but people can use the Mac link to view –  mmsh:// Copy that text to the clipboard, open up VLC player (possibly downloading it first – it’s a very good media player though), and then Media, Open Location from Clipboard.



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