Rural Education Committee Report

2016.01.18 Report, Ad Hoc Committee on Rural Education, FINAL

From the background, first page:

In 2015, an ad hoc committee on rural education in SD No. 57 was developed. The committee was designed to gather information from a broad spectrum of rural citizens and provide feedback and recommendations to the Management and Finance Committee.

Specifically, the scope of this work was to receive:
1. Information about successful rural education practices.
2. Information about the challenges of rural eduation [note – spelling error in original] programming for students.
3. Input on operational challenges and efficiencies to be considered in delivery of  centralized services.
4. Input on operational challenges and efficiences to be considered for school organization purposes.
5. Input on revenue and expenditures specific to the rural context of the school district.
6. Information that is of particular concern to rural secondary school programming.

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