Report from PAC Cafe

Thank you to all our attendees for taking the time to come out and discuss various PAC issues.

We have some notes – this is not a full record of the meeting, but some information recorded at the time.

  • Online survey on student reporting – can be found at
  • When having tables at a school event to meet parents, noted that Tim Hortons has donated coffee & timbits to various PACs – don’t be afraid to ask
  • some PACs have attached notes to a treat to go home
  • – great free online service to manage mailing list, so that people can subscribe/unsubscribe themselves
  • discussion of Facebook useage, and importance of good moderation, if posts/comments are allowed
  • One PAC mentioned an item in the school newsletter called “PAC Musings”, which is a summary of meetings, rather than expecting people to read minutes
  • volunteers need to be careful of being “Super Volunteer” – makes it very difficult to be replaced
  • important to be able to say no – both to time taken and whether or not events are held
  • important to take look at bylaws before issues arise, can have your bylaws reviewed/critiqued by DPAC
  • Money can be donated through School District in order to receive a tax receipt – money held in school district trust account for PAC usage
  • don’t be afraid to simply ask for money, rather than sending multiple fundraising items home for parents
  • discussion over items that are being asked for by schools – keep in mind that principals may ask for things in preference to paying for themselves. PACs can ask to see school budgets
  • If there are gaming questions, the people at Gaming are terrific to deal with – highly recommended take questions there
  • Discussion about parking issues, crossing guards, bicycle lanes – major safety issue with congestion around schools
  • DPAC to work on setting up committee / event / community forum – jokingly called “Asphalt and Assholes” – bring together various PACs, district, city, ICBC, whoever may be useful
  • need to work together – changing behaviours, changing design, look at what realistically can be done, and look at doing this before anything serious happens to a child
  • should be looked at through district level, rather than just each individual school

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