Reminder of registration deadlines

As a reminder, kindergarten registration opened January 31st.

For schools with capacity issues, at 4pm one week following registration day, then there will be a raffle as to who can be accepted.

Schools Operating at Full Enrolment Capacity

Schools listed below ar operating at full enrolment capacity.
Admission of out-of-catchment students is not anticipated.

Choice Programs

  • Lac des Bois – Maximum of 60 students Kindergarten students
  • Polaris Montessori – Maximum of 40 students Kindergarten students

Elementary Schools

  • Edgewood
  • Glenview
  • Hart Higlands
  • Heather Park (English Program)
  • Heritage
  • Malaspina
  • Southridge


Secondary Schools

  • College Heights
  • Duchess Park


Policy on registration priorities

2.1.1 Siblings of catchment area children who, in the previous year, attended the school in question and who will be attending the school in the following year.

2.1.2 If there are more siblings than can be accommodated, priority will be established based on a lottery.

2.1.3 If siblings can be accommodated and there are more new registrations who do not have siblings in the school than can be accommodated, priority will be established based on a lottery.


At 4:00 p.m. one week following registration day, the principal of the school will determine if all of the students who have registered can be accommodated in the school. If more students have registered than can be accommodated, students will be accepted in the priority order established in Regulation 2.

2.1.5 If a lottery is required, the principal of the school and the chairperson of the school’s parent advisory council, or designate, will at that time conduct it as follows:

a) The names of all students in the priority category will be placed in an envelope or other suitable receptacle. The names of multiple children of the same age from the same family will be recorded together on one piece of paper.

b) The names will be drawn one at a time and recorded on a list in the order drawn. This list will establish the order in which registrations are accepted.

c) If there is not sufficient space to accommodate multiple children of the same age from the same family, their parents will have the option of accepting spaces for individual children.

d) Those names on the list whose registrations are not accepted will become the wait list.

e) Parents will be informed regarding registration acceptance or wait list status as soon as possible following the draw and prior to the start of the school district’s transfer process.




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