Recess update

According to the BC Public School Employers Association:

Each school district (SD) has a few options for how they can coordinate recess and outside supervision before and after school. These options include cancelling recess, restricting access to certain areas of playgrounds, or staggering recess times. Each SD will consider which option, or combination of options, will allow them to provide the most coverage with the staff available.

During the teacher strike, supervision will be provided by exempt staff (principals, vice-principals) and other SD employees who are not members of the teachers’ union.

Apparently, from what has been said, what will happen in the Prince George school district is that teachers will assist with supervision once all exempt staff (principals, vice principals, and school board office employees) are busy supervising students. School board employees will be traveling to schools in the area twice a day, before and after school to supervise, but adding in recess as well was more difficult to schedule. Many schools in the area already use CUPE members to supervise at lunch, so that would not be affected.

Additionally, the original announcement called for school to start 7 minutes later and end 8 minutes earlier. This may be changed to 10 minutes and 5 minutes, to make it easier to calculate.

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