Raising Confident Boys & Girls – Beaverly PAC and BCTF

Beaverly PAC and BCTF


“Raising Confident Boys & Girls”


“Are boys, on average, falling behind girls
in academic achievement?”

“Are boys’ and girls’ brains hard-wired differently?”

In this session, we will examine some of the issues around boys’
academic achievement, link some of the differences to brain
research, and explore male and female role models.

** Parents will have an opportunity to share stories and strategies that will help raise confident boys and girls.



Where:              Beaverly Elementary School in the Library

When:                               Monday, May 28 @ 7:00 pm

1 Comment:

  • Boys are failing in school.
    Boys are the majority of inmates in prison populations and students in alternate programs.
    And yet there are no special programs for boys, and the public education system is entirely girl-friendly in both curriculum and pedagogy.
    Time for change.
    ….but hopefully not at the expense of girls, as this is what has caused the problems with boys…..”equalizing at the expense of….”
    We, the BCTF, by the way, are the main culprit of the problems with boys in education. Those of us who have taught for several decades knows this, sadly, well,

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