Portables and schools

According to the Prince George Citizen, August 4th, “School maintenance staff and private contractors have been busy since classes ended in June working on capital projects to upgrade school buildings.”

Working within a budget of about $3.2 million, the projects range from new rubberized gym floor replacements at Foothills and Hart Highlands elementary schools, to lighting upgrades at PGSS, College Heights elementary, École Lac des Bois, Edgewood, Foothills, Heritage, Highglen, Pinewood, Vanway, and Westwood schools. New boilers have been or will be installed at Blackburn, Glenview, Highland and Mackenzie secondary.

The Citizen listed schools with portables, attributing portable removal to declining enrollment. This may be a surprise to parents at schools such as College Heights Elementary, where children have been refused admission to this school due to lack of capacity:

Portables are still in use at some schools, although declining enrollments are reducing the need for those additional classrooms. The district’s student population in 2011-12 was 12,767, which is expected to drop by 238 students to 12,529 in the 2012-13 school year.

Heritage will have just two portables in use in September, down from three in previous years, while College Heights elementary is down to one portable, with one still on site that won’t be used in the coming school year. D.P. Todd secondary will continue using three portables, while Beaverly, Malaspina, Glenview, and Southridge will each have one portable in use starting in September.

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