Play During the Games

Play During the Games Flyer – City of Prince George

Please find attached the Play During the Games Flyer.  This is a special edition of the Pro D Day/Spring Break flyer as it includes a variety of activities and programs for people of all ages to get involved in during the Canada Winter Games/Spring Break.  The flyer promotes recreation, fitness, culture and education and is a valuable resource for parents and teachers that are looking for things to do during their kids’ time off school.  The flyer is also available on the City Of Prince George website at (look under City Living>Recreation>Youth Programs).  Please feel free to link to this site on your school websites and list it in your monthly newsletter.  A link in the school monthly newsletter is the best way to reach most students and parents/caregivers.  Please also feel free to share the flyer or link with staff, administration as well as parents and students.

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