PGDTA Press Release – Rally March 7

Email sent from from PGDTA on March 6th:

PGDTA Press Release March 6, 2012

PGDTA Press release March 5, 2012

Press Release March 5, 2012.
Bill 22 Hurts Public Education!

There will be a rally for our PGDTA members, families and supporters of Public Education on Wednesday March 7 at 6PM at the Civic Centre Plaza- Outside.


A Message to Parents from your Teachers

How does Bill 22 The “Education Improvement Act” actually impact classrooms and make class size and composition worse?

  • Bill 22 removes the soft cap of three special needs children per class and will result in worsening class composition issues resulting in less attention for the learning needs for your child.

  • Bill 22 removes the hard cap of 30 students in grade 4 to 7 classrooms paving the way for classes over 30. There will be no upper limit.

  • Bill 22 removes the requirement for the Superintendent to publically report on class size and composition so parents will have less information about learning conditions in their school system

  • Bill 22 introduces the “Learning Improvement Fund” to address class composition issues. The fund is $165 million over 4 years. For your child that works out to 29 cents per day next school year.

  • Bill 22 makes it illegal for a teacher contract to have any limit on the number of students assigned to a teacher. You child may be one of hundreds seeking attention from a single teacher.

  • Bill 22 makes it illegal for a teacher contract to have any limit on caseloads for Learning Assistance/Support teachers. Teachers may be assigned far more children than they can possibly help.

  • Bill 22 makes it illegal for a teacher contract to require hiring to be done by qualifications and experience and lets the school Board hire less qualified non-teaching staff to teach your children


Teachers want a fair deal!   Our working conditions are our student’s learning conditions.  Please come to the Rally to hear about what the Liberal Government is doing to Public Education!


Press Release March 5, 2012
There will be a demonstration walk for PGDTA
members, families, and supporters of public
education on Wednesday March 7 at 11:30
AM outside the old Integris Credit Union located
at Parkwood.
Teachers want a fair deal!
Our working conditions are our students’
learning conditions. We invite all supporters of
public education, parents, students, labour, and
the general public to come to the rally to show
support and to hear about what the Liberal
government is doing to public education!

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