Parent Night at Van Bien Training & Development Centre

Parent Night at John McInnis – Supercal Room – Feb 10 – 6pm

Changed to Van Bien Training & Development Centre

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Positive Interventions and Effective Strategies for Parents

Presented by Dr. Laura A. Riffel (The Behavior Doctor)

Dr. Riffel and her husband raised three children together and also chose to live with an adult who had autism, bi-polar condition, intellectual disabilities, and obsessive compulsive disorder. She will share parenting tips and techniques that all parents can use based on her years as a parent and over 30 years in the classroom teaching general and special education to Pre-K through adult levels. Dr. Riffel also ran a state-wide clinic for extreme behavior support in the state of Georgia serving over 500 children per year with functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention planning. Much of her training was with parents and teachers working together as a team. This presentation will share her ten rules of behavior, and give parents tons of resources.

Participants will learn general interventions applicable to every student in the classroom. These are field tested and will work for eliminating minor disturbances. Audience members will receive mnemonic tools to help them remember targeted group interventions which will help those students who need booster shots for attaining success and finally Dr. Riffel will share functional based interventions for those students who need intensive supports.

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