Parent Event – Social Media, Connected Children, Parenting the Mobile Device Child

Jesse Miller, School District 57 and the RCMP would like to invite you:

Parent Event:

Social Media, Connected Children, Parenting the Mobile Device Child
If you have concerns about how your child uses the Internet and mobile technology, this session is a ‘must-see’ event for parents who would like to pro-actively examine the challenges of social media. This session will explore the reasons behind the media and local concerns surrounding social media use, and to help prompt dialogue at home that fits each family’s values as it applies to use and abuse of social media.

This presentation will provide parents with:
the tools needed to better equip themselves for parenting in the social media generation,
ways to help extend the dialogue to reflect technology influences at home, as well as
addressing current trends in social media use within British Columbia.
When: Thursday, October 20
Where: Duchess Park Theatre
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm

DPAC note: October 20th is also parent teacher night at Duchess Park from 6pm to 8pm. 

This event is free for parents and caregivers.
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Jesse Miller (MA) is a respected national speaker on the topics of social media awareness, social networking behaviour, and online content evaluation. He has been presenting and consulting with schools, government organizations, and public safety agencies since 2007. His presentations through have reached thousands of participants across Canada and his work with the Government of British Columbia addresses diverse social media issues ranging from Cyberbullying, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Curriculum development.

Jesse has been featured at a wide-range of conferences across North America and is a trusted speaker of municipal policing services and the RCMP across British Columbia. He provides a provocative vantage point to social media and technology use within schools, policing, and the family home. Jesse is renowned for proactively examining the challenges of social media, addressing the realities behind the known concerns around social media, and prompts dialogue that reflects the issues seen with new media influences. His presentation provides audiences with the tools needed to better equip themselves for participation in the social media world and extends the dialogue to reflect technology influences in schools and in the home.

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