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It’s Element@ry    October 25, 2013
Problems at School?  What’s a Parent to Do?

Linda Campbell, School Counsellor

At some point as a parent, you will likely be faced with the dreaded email from your child’s teacher telling you that your kid has crossed the line and that you need to come in for another conference—or the principal will call to tell you that your teen has missed the last week of school altogether, unbeknownst to you. Maybe you’ve discovered that your child’s grades have plunged from acceptable to barely passing. What’s a parent to do?  Carol Banks, MSW

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Attending parentteacher conferences is a great way to help your kids succeed at school. Here’s what to do before, during, and after the meeting.

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Do you know how to deal with a school problem?

Sooner or later, most children are likely to have a problem at school. The way parents deal with it can affect the outcome.

Answer yes or no to the questions below to see if you are prepared to deal with school problems positively:

___1. Do you communicate regularly with your child’s teacher, whether there’s a concern or not?

___2. Do you keep an open mind when your child has a problem at school? Be open to the fact that your child my be helping to cause the situation.

___3. Do you contact your child’s teacher first if you have a concern, rather than calling the principal?

___4. Do you write down your thoughts and questions before meeting with the teacher?

___5. Do you ask for an action plan at the end of the meeting so you can work together to address the issue? How well are you doing?

Each yes means you are dealing with school problems positively.

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