Aboriginal Policy Revisions

Policy 1230 – Aboriginal Education

Policy 1231 – Aboriginal Education Board

On April 26, 2011, the Board of Education approved draft Policy 1230 and draft Policy 1231 for distribution to reference groups.

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If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions about these policies please forward them in writing before June 28, 2011 to:

Diane Nygaard for Wendy De Marsh, Executive Assistant

School District No. 57 (Prince George)

2100 Ferry Avenue

Prince George, B.C.  V2L 4R5

e-mail: wdemarsh@sd57.bc.ca or fax to 250-561-6820

Teacher representatives agree on June vote to launch job action in September


If there is a lack of progress in collective bargaining, teachers across British Columbia will take a strike vote between June 24 and 28, 2011.

BCTF President Susan Lambert emphasized that teachers do not take this decision lightly. The vote, to be supervised by the Labour Relations Board, will determine whether teachers will launch province-wide collective action with the start of the next school year in September. Initially the job action would involve teachers’ refusal to undertake administrative tasks or to attend unnecessary meetings, while focusing all their energies on the classroom.

“If we need to take this action in the fall we will begin by focusing on the central and joyful work of our profession—teaching our students,” Lambert said. “Parents may not even notice much of a change as teachers intend to continue serving our students in the classroom and communicating with parents about students’ progress. However, we will not be doing administrative work or attending meetings with management.”

Lambert emphasized that teachers want to achieve a negotiated settlement. Although the BCTF and its locals have been bargaining since the beginning of March, progress so far has been limited. “We’re facing resistance at both local and provincial tables, with the BC Public School Employers’ Association stalling on the split of issues and local trustees refusing to bargain anything of substance,” Lambert said.

Meanwhile, teachers have identified clear objectives for this round of bargaining. Their top priorities include: improving teaching and learning conditions (class size and composition, caseloads, learning specialist ratios, and time for class preparation), a fair and reasonable compensation package including benefit improvements commensurate with teachers across Canada, and a return to local bargaining as the best solution to local issues.

Lambert noted that negotiations are taking place in the wake of a BC Supreme Court decision that ruled Liberal legislation which stripped teachers’ contracts and limited their ability to bargain is unconstitutional. The BCTF is urging the government to immediately restore funding levels to make up for the $275 million which was cut every year since 2002, when the legislation was imposed.

Staff Appointments

Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pepper is pleased to announce the following appointments, effective August 1, 2011:

• Tabatha Grigg, Vice-Principal, Spruceland Elementary
• Deanna Hood, Vice-Principal, Quinson Elementary
• Parrish Child, Vice-Principal, Duchess Park Secondary
• Curtis MacDonald, Vice Principal, College Heights Secondary
• Anjula Corbin, Principal, Malaspina Elementary
• Nevio Rossi, Principal, Harwin Elementary
• Dan Watt, Principal, Buckhorn Elementary and Hixon Elementary
• Norman Kidwell, Principal, Nukko Lake Elementary
• Kathy Sawatsky, Principal, Foothills Elementary
• Ian Landy, Principal, Beaverly Elementary
• Cindy Heitman, District Principal, Curriculum and Instruction

We wish these principals and vice principals all the best in their new positions.

Diane Nygaard,
Executive Assistant
School District No. 57

Agenda for General Meeting – Monday, June 6, 2011

If you wish to attend the meeting remotely, through your computer, click on this link shortly before 7pm:


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre


1.               Adoption of Agenda

2.               Adoption of May 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

3.               PAC Networking

4.               Reports

(a)                DPAC Chair Report

(b)               Treasurer’s Report

(c)                Superintendent Report

(d)               Trustee Report

(e)               PGDTA Report

(f)                 PGPVPA Report

(g)                CUPE Report

(h)               DSAC Report


(5 – 10 minute coffee /Snack break)

5.               Committee Reports

(a)                EPPC Committee Report – Chris Finke (Alternate:  Don Sabo)

(b)               Education Services Committee Report– Stephen Shannon (Alternate:  Dennis Fudge)

(c)                Policy/Governance Committee Report –  Don Sabo (Alternate: Dennis Fudge)

(d)               Environmental Sustainability Committee– ?


6.               Announcements/New Business

(a)                Appointment to Committee Reps. (ESC, ESC, EPPC, Policy & Governance)

(b)               Northern Crime Prevention Symposium (Dennis)

(c)                Community That Cares Initiative (Don)

(d)               Motion to establish a process for selecting delegates to conferences

(e)               Motion to establish a process for reviewing BCCPAC Resolutions

(f)                 Motion to establish Executive Spending Authority Limit

(g)                Motion for Signing Authority

(h)               Strategic Plan: Communications…increase parent involvement @ PACs and DPAC


7.               Other Business

(a)          Other

8.               Agenda items for next meeting

9.               Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.


–          Minutes of May 9, 2011 Meeting

–          DPAC Chair Report

–          Treasurer Report

If you wish to attend remotely, through your computer, simply click on this link shortly before 7pm:

<a href=”https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=&amp;password=M.F9663A0390B9DE4F9DC2054A8700A5″>https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=&amp;password=M.F9663A0390B9DE4F9DC2054A8700A5</a>

School District looking to hire 5 vice principals


The job posting states that: “Two of these five Vice Principal positions are for district choice schools — Ecole College Heights (fluency in French as well as English is preferred) and Aboriginal Choice School (Aboriginal Ancestry is preferred). The other schools are Ron Brent Elementary, Heather Park Elementary and Heritage Elementary.”