PAC Email Accounts

School District 57 is moving to a new Office 365 email system. DPAC has requested more seamless communication from the District Office and DPAC to PACs. Each of the 40 elementary and secondary schools in our district will now have an opportunity to set up their own email addresses. These will be in a standard format that is accessible to all. It will be used for District announcements and news items, DPAC meeting minutes, agendas, and events, communications from Principals, and collaboration with other PACs.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  1. TALK TO YOUR PRINCIPAL – A Consent Form to share the current PAC Chairperson’s personal email is required to be submitted by the Principal. If you are the current Chairperson for your PAC and haven’t completed this already, please reach out to your Principal to have it completed and submitted as soon as possible. The personal email will only be used once to send set up instructions and will not be used or shared for any other purpose.
  2. SOME SCHOOLS ARE ALREADY SIGNED UP – The District IT Office is already creating accounts for 20+ PACs already registered, but we would like to include all 40 schools! The IT Manager will send out a link to the account with instructions on how to set up your password the first time. An outgoing Chairperson will give the newly elected person the password to update and then continue to use the same email address, having access to all the email history. The IT Manager can reset passwords if needed.
  3. IT CAN WORK WITH YOUR EXISTING PAC ACCOUNT – If you already have a PAC email address or a personal email that you use and would not like to check an additional email account, you can forward incoming messages. Instructions will be sent from the IT Manager.

DPAC Executives can help with questions or concerns at any time. Email

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