Open Parachute – Nov 3

Seminar for Parents regarding Open Parachute mental health resources. Wed November 3 from 6:30-7:30pm at Vanier Hall (PGSS).

Message from Audrey Mitchell, Vice Principal – Inclusive Education Department, SD57

Part of my role as Vice Principal of Inclusive education is to support the implementation of Mental Health Supports for our students. Last year, we had a trial run in using the program Open Parachute and due to the supports the program provides for students, educators, and their families, as well as the quick “buy-in” from educators and staff in our schools we will be using the program for the next three years.

We have invited Dr. Hayley Watson, the CEO and creator of Open Parachute to Prince George share her knowledge of how to best support the mental health complexities of all educators, students and their families to all SD57 staff and all parents of the children in our schools. We are very excited for her to be presenting in person!

Information about the courses/resources are at the link below.

Open Parachute (

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