No recess for students?

According to school district sources, there will be no recess for students during the job action.

Morning recess breaks will be cancelled for the length of Essential Services job action.  This is being done in recognition of the challenges for exempt staff to supervise this additional period of time.  For elementary schools, the typical 15 minutes of recess time will be removed from the minutes of instruction by having seven minutes taken from the beginning of the day and eight minutes taken from the end of the school day.

However, bus schedules appear to be continuing as previously planned.


  • Bullshit- have fun dealing with kids who have extreme pent up energy and want to socialize during class time.  You people are educated, why not make some educated choices for a change?

  • Anonymous / Reply

    With all the government cutbacks, what else can the school board do? They don’t have the money to pay for supervision. Alicia refers to “choices” but offers none!

  • children 1st / Reply

    Every year it is something new with the sd and teachers, as a parent I find it very frustrating…Teachers know when they go to university and decide to become a teacher what their job entails..They say they do this for the kids, I say bs…In cut backs school Christmas concerts are becoming a waste of time why even bother?  I take a day off of work to watch my kids sing carols, no plays and no art projects. they have it at 9 am. Teachers don’t get paid for this but either do parents…We actually lose more as most of us have to take a whole day off. Planers…why do I have to pay for this if the teachers don’t use them. I feel like the childrens education is suffering from all the political bs…


  • What about teachers having the right to stand along side the parents if they choose to(I am not minimising what teachers contribute and the bureaucracy they also have to deal with)-teachers are valuable and see what is happening with their students during school hours and at home the parents see the root of the issues. I have friends and relatives who teach and am open to both sides of frustration.    If the School District would look deeper into the actual issues the kids in Mackenzie have been facing in the past 4 years, they may see that some crucial planning with parents and teachers together could be a positive and strong benifit to all. The SD should encourage teachers input.  If the teachers and parents could stand as a united front to push funding and get stronger representation on the school board this would be ideal. But teachers have to mind their P’s and Q’s in order to not be punished, they cannot burn their bridges, I understand this issue.  My issue is that the age old adgage of ‘children are resiliant’, only goes so far. The ammount of changes and cuts are not only negative but in my mind-disgusting. Education continues to take a back seat, they are the future of this country and proceed to come in last while the government pours more money into sinkholes. I have since moved from Mackenzie but care deeply about the future of this community’s wonderful kids.  People 1st, I will correct you-I along with many Mackenzie parents wrote letters and met with the school board over and over to work through issues and got no support, respect or solid answers-so you see, we have tried to present choices in the recent past. The SD has hard choices with the funding or lack there of, I am not blind to this fact; but instead of jumping the gun they need to take into account the real issues not just the financial ones.  It’s about changing perceptions, “$ First” is the message I hear when I read your comment and that’s the perception it always boils down-because we have rolled over to accept it. Remember people can unite to make change happen. Apartheid ring a bell, anti-veitnam war, it was not that long ago.  Canadian Senate passing Bills created by parents serving justice for their children?  Something with smaller impact and current, how about HST?  It was the people who made the push for changes to occur, they didn’t use the word CAN’T or WON’T (…make a difference). It would just be nice if the ‘people’ had more strong supporters.

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