New PAC Email Addresses

During the last school year, DPAC worked with the District to set up email addresses for each PAC. We’ve been in contact with each PAC Chairperson at all 41 schools to assist with setting up their accounts.

The advantage of all PACs having a SD57 email is so DPAC can communicate regularly with your current executive, and keep information and history saved in an account where future executives can have access to.

Many of you set up accounts with “”, but now all domains have changed to “”. This is a note from Morris in IT:

We have completed e-mail system upgrades earlier this month, as we transition all district email accounts to the address format.
As a result, all of the login usernames ending in , have been changed to the format.
Please try logging in again with your changed username of: (instead of the old username of )

  • your password should be the same (ie: the password will be the same as what you have been using with the Office 365 account login)
  • All of the emails in the mailbox should still be there (even though the login username has been changed to the format)
  • Also, please note that e-mail messages sent to either or will end up in this mailbox, but we will be dropping the address on October 1st, 2020 — As of this date, the account will have 1 email address:

If you have any issues with this, contact me Christa Porter (DPAC Director – Media Support) at and I will work with Morris to help you get connected.

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