Motions regarding Duchess Park, Mackenzie, and McBride at school board meeting tonight

At tonight’s school board meeting, there have been three memos distributed at the start of the meeting. These motions have not been passed as yet, and will be discussed tonight.

Update: motions all passed.

  • regarding co-location of McBride schools – that the Board discontinue its consideration of the co-location of McBride Centennial Elementary school at McBride Secondary School, and that this matter not be reconsidered until total K-12 enrolment in McBride is less than 150 students
  • regarding move of grade 7 students from Morfee Elementary to Mackenzie Secondary – that the Board direct teh Superintendent to have the principals of Morfee and Mackenzie work with their students, staff, and parents to consider a middle years education program at Mackenzie Secondary to include the community’s grade 7 students beginning no earlier than the 2017-18 school year
  • regarding change of catchment for Duchess Park – that the Board direct the Superintendent to enforce the existing catchment area for Duchess Park Secondary school, regular program, on a graduated basis as indicated in the Appendix [not included], beginning with new enrolment for the 2017-18 school year, until such time as Duchess Park Secondary, regular program, enrolls catchment area students only.


Additional information for Duchess Park:

Board members asked for numbers of students from different catchments, and in the school year just ended, there were 724 students in regular program, of which:

  • 387 in Duchess Park catchment
  • 135 from DP Todd catchment
  • 96 from PGSS catchment
  • 50 from Kelly Road catchment
  • 56 from College Heights catchment
  • and 264 in French Immersion program. Francophone numbers not given.

This would mean that the catchment for Edgewood would not change.

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