Minutes of October 1, 2012 DPAC General Meeting

2012 Oct 1 – DPAC minutes


7:00 PM Van Bien Training and Development Center




DPAC Executive:              Sarah Holland (Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Jacqueline Dockray (Director), Steve Shannon (Director) and Darlene Campbell (District Associate)


Partner Groups:               Brain Pepper (Superintendent), Kate Cooke (Trustee), Lorraine Prouse (CUPE), Faith MacKay (PGPVPA), Matt Pearce/Tina Cousins (PGTDA)


School Reps                     Colleen Smith (Beaverly), Jacqueline Dockray (College Heights) Chris Finke (DP Todd), Darlene Campbell (Duchess Park), Melanie Pierce (Edgewood), Steve Shannon (Hart Highlands), Sarah Holland (Heather Park),  Steve Shannon (Kelly Road), Shauna Conner (Ecole Lac des Bois), Trista Spencer (Malaspina), Ray Jacob (Morfee – illuminate), Lotte Anderson (Nukko Lake), Darlene Campbell (Nusdeh Yoh), Michelle Rolfes (Pineview), Don Sabo (Pinewood), Michelle Rolfes (PGSS), Ryan Clarke (Quinson), Dennis Fudge (Spruceland)


Agenda – adopted as presented

Minutes – adopted as amended


Adoption of / Election of positions

–          Secretary… no one nominated, secretary position rotating till further notice, Darlene taking October minutes.

–          Vice-Chair… Chris Finke nominated by Nusdeh Yoh second by College Heights. [CARRIED]



–          Pinewood – held open house on Sept 27, had display of leap frog and a book fair

–          Bev – open house and scholastic book fair

–          Pineview – Open house occurred

–          Lac des Bois – open house and teacher / parent interviews

–          Spruceland – also held open house and interviews

–          Nusdeh Yoh – holding naming ceremony Oct 25th at 4 pm

–          Duchess park – upcoming elections and parent teacher interviews

–          Quinson  – Held book fair

–          DP Todd – First meeting already took place, all sport teams are up and running, Oct 24 is parent teacher interviews

–          Nukko Lake – Hot lunch program is running, did a financial review, held a silent auction

–          College Heights – Snow Flake run held, Pizza party, open house, terry fox run, Power of One did presentation on anit-bulling, cross country is active and actively fundraising for a swing.

–          Malaspina – set up email account with gmail, held or planned 3 fundraisers, Hot lunch program began, talking about wheel chair access to playground, has full tech upgraded, and supply issue has been addresses with admin.

–          Edgegwood – PAC meeting and AGM next week, was discouraged of holding an open house by admin, purposed changes to recess, seeks out information.

–          CLA – Marilyn shared with DPAC the programs being held there

–          Kelly Road – NLC (northern learning center) no one is without a laptop, received unanimous donations, mentored by grade 11/12

–          Hart highland – has no track and field

–          Morfee (Ray) – held open house and has added 2 new teachers

–          Heather Park – Open house held, book fair, very good power point done by the admin, PAC is online and doing T-shirts sales got to heatherparkpac.info to view products.


–          Brenda from Staples, annual stock the locker, 8000.00 raised and distributed via DPAC to PAC’s

MOTION:     Spruceland seconded by Edgewood

To include a special thank you to Staples and the community for the donations of the gift cards on the DPAC website and send a letter directly to Staples.  [CARRIED]

–          Presentation to Don Sabo for his services and a message from the School District as well.


                DSAC – sends his regrets

CUPE – CUPE met with Superintendent for a working meeting, EA’s are back to work (written report given)

PGDTA – report submitted – World Teacher Day is Friday Oct 5th, monthly events are planned, Thursday Oct 4th in front of School Board office is pie and ice cream celebration from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.

PGPVPA – highlighted report

SUPERINTENDENT – Brian highlighted the good news in his report.  Capital Plan’s top 3 choices are Kelly Road – new building, Nusdeh Yoh – new building, DP Todd – new space. Questions arouse and addressed about his report (see report) about input and class size

TRUSTEE – Kate Cooke written report given


                Chair report –the Executive Board meeting report was submitted

Treasurer – submitted.  Do we need a transactional report? General consensus was that it was not necessary; Gillian will provide this to the Executive.

Budget committee Report – Gillian gave report.

Don asked that he be removed from this committee.

MOTION: (regarding the budget) that we approve the 2012/2013 budget as presented. [CARRIED]

–          Explained the budget and questions were addressed

MOTION: (regarding the surplus) that we approve the plan to appropriate the surplus as presented in the proposal. [CARRIED]

MOTION: (how to spend) that the budget committee provide the membership with a number or options for spending the surplus that agrees with the stated priorities and goals at the November General Meeting. [CARRIED]

Lots of discussions happened on this motion, amendments brought forward all failed.

Conference committee – Volunteer list needed as lots of things to do, send email regarding volunteers, go for’s mileage logs money to cover, childcare issues addressed, link is online to register, travel coverage

EPPC – Gillian *all day kindergarten discussed, gradual entry, will provide information on website

Ed Services – Steve, no meeting yet, next Monday

Policy and Governance – Sarah.                                                                                                                                            MOTION: send another letter to the board (see report) Sarah, seconded Jacqui [CARRIED]


Flag Policy ? (no input)

Graduation dialog – people wanting to come

MOTION:  for DPAC to purchase a laptop, to a max of 500 for use of secretary. [CARRIED] Nusdeh Yoh seconded by Edgewood. Steve to purchase


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm








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